Environmentally Friendly Architecture


Look out! There is a new wave of environmentally friendly materials being produced!

As a team, we at Castanes are always on the lookout for sustainable and earth-friendly materials to be integrated into our projects. From geo-thermal heated flooring to solar paneled roofing, we enjoy the opportunity to introduce sustainable products and processes into the world of residential architecture! 

We recently came across a new material being used as flooring and walls- Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). To give you a brief understanding, the Engineered Wood Association defines CLT as, "a large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered wood panel." So, what does that actually mean?? The timber is cut into 2x4s, laid together, and alternates directions each layer. See the image above to get a better picture!

What does all of this 'archi-talk' mean for you?? It means our taller mid-rise - and potentially even high-rise, buildings can be made using wood instead of concrete or steel! Crazy, right? Not only are the CLT panels as strong as concrete and steel, they are a renewable resource. The panels are also faster to construct and can be sourced locally, so all of you owners and developers out there can probably already here the 'cha-ching!' in your pockets. 

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