Pacific NW Magazine Feature


We would like to thank the seattle times for featuring our Sanctuary House in their October 18th issue!

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, click HERE for the online version or see our spread on page 16 of the hardcopy.


Named for its pristine views, this contemporary hillside residence is planned to embrace the landscapes of a unique bay on the Puget Sound. The design of the house is based on a major and minor circulation axis with various spaces branching off.


A series of "inner" courtyards also connect to the main axis breaking up various functions and providing dynamic views through the residence. Special attention was given to the demarcation between the public and private spaces by utilizing a large pivot door on the major axis which can be closed to separate the public use from the private use.

One concept behind this layout was the ability to add to the minor axis at a later date if more room was needed. As always, the attention paid to details is of a high importance in our work. This is evident in the design and construction of the kitchen where the client enjoys spending a great deal of time.