The New York Times Feature of The Sanctuary House


Castanes Architects has been featured in The New York Times for the second time!! The article covers one of our more recent projects, The Sanctuary House. This contemporary hillside residence embraces the unique bay of the Puget Sound with dynamic views and "inner" courtyards. 


Our Smith Tower Apartment goes viral!


Our Smith Tower Apartment was recently featured on Evening Magazine. NBC picked up the video and is broadcasting it nationally. It now has more than 3,000,000 views and is being called "the coolest apartment you've ever seen!". We certainly think it is! Before Petra and her kids moved in, the space was nothing but unused storage. In 2000, we fully transformed the tower into a magical place to experience urban living. Take a peek inside! 






On December 15th, 2015, Councilman Tom Rasmussen held a meeting at the Seattle city council chambers to discuss the concept of 'lidding' Interstate-5! A lid would reconnect the surrounding neighborhoods that were divided when the interstate was constructed, as well as create space for the community. the meeting covered the costs, resources, and overall possibilities. Emphasis was placed on the urgency of beginning this conversation now, while the Convention Center addition is going through its beginning design phases. Below is the concept vision of where the lid will be located. 

Image by The Northwest Urbanist at

Image by The Northwest Urbanist at

Please read Scott Bonjukian's, one of the speakers at today's meeting, article HERE for more information on the Lid concept, as well as examples from other cities.