Located on the shores of the Puget Sound adjacent to Magnolia, Eagle Aerie is a site of natural beauty.  The quality of natural light, the sounds of the water on the bulkhead, the slope of the land and the large trees typical of the northwest create a natural setting of beauty.  One cannot imagine many places in the U.S. where a site exists in such close proximity to an urban center like Seattle.  With the above-mentioned in mind, the Owner, Architect and Master Builder worked as a collaboration to create the workshop/studio (the first building at this location) to be respectful of its site.  The contemporary planning of the interior spaces are counterbalanced to an exterior which references historical detailing of early American Architecture.  Careful detailing with meticulous craftsmanship help to create interesting and dynamic interior spaces from an existing garage structure of 700 square feet.  The collaborators did not want to fight the existing structure and kept the existing foundation and lower concrete walls in place.  Truly, a metamorphosis occurred between what was there and what is new.