Light, views and access to the outdoors are the main conceptual design determinates for this very urbane residence located on Queen Ann hill.
Our desire for the most eminently appropriate solution to the remodeling of this 1950 residence was based on axial planning, exterior relationships, roof gardens, tight budget constraints, and innovative use of materials such as wood, steel, and glass.
In particular, a “one of a kind” use of an exterior atrium as an “exterior/interior” room at the upper living room floor was one example of the type of playfulness this residence offers the occupants. The “exterior/interior” room provides a stage set where both natural and artificial light at night can playfully interact with activities associated with the other parts of the upper floor. Just watching the playful patterns created by rain and snow falling at night created by lighting the “exterior/interior” room is a relaxing way to end a busy day in Seattle. Above the exterior atrium is the roof garden which has a commanding eastern view to the Cascade Mountains.
Another “first” for this in-city getaway is a glass fireplace that acts as a “lantern” for all to see when looking towards the east façade. The glass fireplace is also integral to the continuous glass window wall at the open living/dining room and kitchen areas.
This house welcomes all guests at all times.